My name is Kevin Perjurer and welcome to The Perj. I have had a long and successful life, but like many of the greatest humans in the history of the world, I am always focusing on my next big thing. If you wish to know about my life as a whole, I urge you to read all about me. Today, however, my main project is Defunctland. Defunctland is an amusement park that I and my followers are creating by utilizing the theme park attractions of the past. You can learn more about the park here. Thank you for visiting The Perj!


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Great videos… How about one on the Alfred Hitchcock attraction of that used to be at universal studios Florida Keep up the great work. Just FYI I like your idea on a VR park but someone has been promoting a Disney specific one on Facebook. I believe it is called Disney Ride Archive. I think you should definitely make a Facebook as I only accidenTally catch your videos when I’m watching other things on YouTube and I’d like to know sooner when new videos are posted


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