Adieu politics, adieu

Kevin Perjurer – May 16, 2017

Everything in life has to end. The leaves on the trees. The flowers on the ground. The sun. Everything. Personally, my time as a Chinese movie star ended, my time as a franchise owner ended, and now my time as a political reporter must end.

I have been reporting on politics since 2015, starting as a contributor on the evidence producing debate site, Utopian Debate. After the site closed, I started my own website. This website. The Perj. It started as a politics only site, but as I became distracted, it grew into whatever I wanted it to be. A haven for my many projects.

These projects were completely unrelated to my original intention for the site, and recently one of my viewers of Defunctland found one of my political pieces and commented this:

Hey, Kevin. Congrats on your channel! I watched three of your videos yesterday and found them very interesting, well researched, and well edited. Even though I do not usually venture off of Youtube when asked to do so, I took a glimpse at your website too. And…because you could not manage to keep politics out of the mix, obnoxiously mixing your juvenile political views with inherently a-political content, I will never consider viewing any of your content again. It would be one thing, I suppose, if you came off as remotely informed, inspired, or intelligent in your gratuitous political vomiting forth, but you succeeded in doing nothing short of parroting the unfounded views of mainstream media stooges.I suppose doing so makes you feel superior in some way, and that you are attempting to compensate for your provincial understanding of the adult world. For now, until you make significant strides in educating yourself in areas of logic and law, I encourage you to limit yourself to producing theme park related content and commentary.

A couple things here. First, his congratulations at the beginning seems purposefully sarcastic after reading the whole comment. Second, I have no idea what he believes and how he thinks he knows what I do. And third, he might have a point.

My Perjspectives™ are my own opinions (obviously), and I thought it was okay to talk about my own opinions. I now realize that this is not possible. I haven’t posted recently about politics, mainly because everything in the world is politics right now and it isn’t fun anymore. Also, people can no longer respect other people’s opinions. It has gotten to the point where I have to stop talking about politics out of fear that people won’t be able to stand my theme park history videos. It is sad. Very very sad. But I will respect their wishes and end my political discourse.

Don’t fret, though, I still have plenty of content that I am working on. I am still working on my musical-parody, Carver, my movie-rewrite, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Rewrite, and my theme park, Defunctland. I will still post my investigations and news reports, but they will be (most likely) unrelated to politics.

Follow me Perjers, as we enter a new journey! 

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