POLL: Defunctland VR

Kevin Perjurer – June 18, 2017

For background/context on Defunctland, click here

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10 thoughts on “POLL: Defunctland VR

  1. I know this may not be that important but I wanted to say thanks for the project of Defunctland I will try to donate money and I hope it will be a success I’m personally excited for the Jaws and BTTF ones.


  2. There is also the possibility that you could base the experience in a game engine, render out a path for YouTube and use the base game/file for people with personal VR systems.


  3. The idea for for defunctland is such an amazing idea can’t wait to see what other rides you add to the park and keep up the good work


  4. Do entrance area : sunshine plaza but don’t put the monorail and instead of the California sing put a defunctland sing also I think that the back to the future the ride land should be named technology land : this land is where all future themed rides are: timekeeper horizons world of motion peoplemover ( Disneyland) and more


  5. One thing I would love to see added as part of this concept is, when the Mouse decides to either renovate, or put on a new promotion (for example, The Nightmare Before Christmas limited time Haunted Mansion take over), those things are then lost to us forever… well, usually, barring the videos people take and promotional material. So my point is, while some of these rides still exist today, seeing them in their original, now lost, forms, or limited run things as mentioned, would be very neat.

    Another thing, known to fans or the Mouse, is Club 33. I’d love to get a chance to go inside it, even if it is only in VR – and it could include the original animatronic talking parrot that used to be there… I think it’s gone now, but not 100%. Disney’s secret apartment would be neat as well.

    Cool concept and I’d love to see it see the light of day some day.


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